Dating Someone with Depression? Is Loving Someone with Depression Worth Your Time?


    Dating someone with depression sometimes can be very hard, as well as rewarding. Lots of us will find it extremely difficult, mostly since depression like other mental health issues is easily misdiagnosed and thus, mistreated. Leaving the patients and the people who love them—you—at lost even more.

    Loving someone with depression often means dealing extreme with mood swings, and most often than not, a daily pain of frustration. You will feel pity towards him and feeling stressed at the same time because you cannot help them, or yourself.

    Learn How Loving Someone with Depression can Help You Grow

    dating someone with depression-loving someone with depression

    When you find yourself loving or just started dating someone with depression, getting yourself familiar with these first steps before you get professional help, will prove to be helpful and necessary for your both well-being.


    The first base that you need to overcome when you are dating someone with depression is to understand what depression is. That it is a kind of mental illness and that illness will affect everything there is between the two of you. Understand that the depressive act itself can be caused by several things, called triggers, that can range from a mess in their hormonal level, medical condition, psychotic root, or long-rooted stress, and grief.

    Know that this is a serious condition that is treatable and that you still have chance of normal life, with the right help.


    The second base is to accept that your loved one is having the depression. When you have accepted the fact, you will be likely to be more understanding and ready for the next step which is getting help.

    Remember that while depression is manageable, it can’t be cured since it will be likely to happen again, given the right triggers which are different for each patient.


    The third step that you need to do is to listen to him. Lots of people with depression tend to bury their triggers deep down either with alcohol, sex or food. All of which lead to an even bigger issue had they not get help they need.

    Most often than not, when they do come to you, they just want to be listened to. So be the listening ear while helping them to see that they need help. Let them know you accept them. This will help them open up, and once they acknowledge they need help, that’s where you come and step in.


    Loving someone with depression is loving a person with extra baggage that what you were prepared to agree to. Depression can lead him to behave differently and act as person you no longer recognize. IT IS HARD.  At some points you WILL want to give up.

    If you find yourself in this position, you need to remember the reasons why you fell in love with him the first time. Remember who is, as the person you know. The remind yourself to help him to get back into that person. Recall the happy memories that make you feeling happy when you are with him. Focus on those things and try to build the positive feeling and attitude so that you will be the stronger one yet again, and you that you can still build that future you both were set up to have.

    Get Help, for You!

    Sometimes when you are feeling overwhelmed, you want other people to understand you, but dating someone with depression somehow prevents you to express how you feel. You need to remember that you cannot do everything alone and you also need shoulder to lie on.

    That brings us to the next thing you need to do: communicate what you feel to both your partner, and his therapist. Have your own support system that’ll help you stronger to carry the weight of your relationship now that your partner need you.

    This step is so important since it will strengthen your relationship, and in the same time help strengthen you as a person. The key here is to accept the situation and be open to help from others.

    Dating Someone With Depression: The Takeaway Message

    Either you are loving someone with depression or just finding yourself dating this wonderful person who happen to also struggle with some level of depression, can be daunting for most people. Since you mostly do not want to be the person who lose that chance of great love, just because you’re too scared to step up and be that bold person who stand straight on all the shits life throws at them, yet at the same time you wonder if it will be worth it at the end, and if you do have the strength to carry the relationship for the both of you when he is too deep struggling with its pain.

    Bad news is, you are the only person who can truly answer these questions. If you struggle to give yourself an honest answer if loving someone with depression is worth the fight, I think deep down you already know the answer in one way or another. But if you find yourself dating someone with depression and next thing you know, you’re deep down buried in these articles, trying to get all the help he needs, then I think in some ways, you already know your answer too.

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