How Long does Postpartum Depression Last?


    How long does postpartum depression last? How did it all start? Does it mean you’re a bad mother for feeling this much sadness just when your baby needs you the most?

    How long does postpartum depression last

    The sound of a newborn crying may trigger different emotions for different parents. While for most it’s simply another inseparable part of their new bundle of joy, for others not so fortunate, that sound can trigger a whole other dimension of depression setting in.

    The Signs That Say You’re Having Postpartum Depression

    One cannot tell you how long postpartum depression last, until you are clear on what the signs are, and if you’re having them.

    It is true that the major signs of postpartum depression including sadness, guilt, mood swing, sleeping problem, are all common tells of new mothers almost everywhere. But add to those some appetite control issue and the tiresome process of mother and new born bonding, then you may be experiencing a certain level of postpartum depression right now.

    How Long Does Postpartum Depression Last?

    Postpartum depression, or what’s commonly known as baby blues syndrome, is expected to last up to 1 month after delivery. If it lasts longer than that, then it is time for you to seek professional help, for the good of you and your baby.

    The Treatments for Postpartum Depression.

    When is the right time to seek for help? How long does postpartum depression last until you must firmly decide you need someone professional to help you out?

    The rule of thumb here should be the time when the mother can no longer care for both herself and her baby at the point it may harm her, the baby, or both. Although it is understandably difficult to admit that you need help, reaching out to your loved ones prove to provide love and encouragement for you to move to the right direction physically, and mentally.

    The thorough examination will be done by your doctor to decide the intensity of the symptoms you’re experiencing. For too often, the depression might just be caused by thyroid disorder, in which case your doctor will prescribe you a drug that’ll hopefully help with the depression. What you need to remember, how long does postpartum depression last depends much on patient’s willingness to fight it, and the support of everyone with her.

    Understanding the Cycle of Postpartum Depression

    According to Kubler-Ross, postpartum depression symptoms are similar to those of grief, commonly known as 5 steps of grief. This cycle which is made of denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance, is something you need to acknowledge before you start this battle against depression.

    Being a new parent can very well be overwhelming for most people. It changes who you are, and to many, it can be really confusing to adapt to. So, this question of how long does postpartum depression last, depends entirely on you admitting that you’ve got a problem and whose hands you’re holding when you’re trying to fight it.

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