How Long Does Depression Last, and How to Know if You Have One?


    How long does depression last, and how to know if you have one?

    How Long Does Depression Last, and How to Know if You Have One?

    Look. When you struggle with depression, knowing that this dark tunnel will end somewhere is a comfort on its own. Unfortunately, how long does depression last is not a question you can easily give answer to without a thorough professional help on the matter. That said, we’re here to give you some common ground rules when it comes to the length of depression.

    Are You Sad or Depressed?

    Many researches have come to prove that sadness is a mere iceberg to the mountain of depression it hides underneath. While this is true for many cases, not all kind of sadness is equal to depression by itself. Depression is when you can not lift yourself from sadness within you over two weeks or more. Sadness, in the other hand, is a human reaction to painful events in life. It is a part of coping mechanism that eventually help you to heal from said events.

    how long does depression lastSo how long does depression last? Apparently, more than two weeks, approximately four to eight months. Although obviously this number varies among patients.

    How long does depression lasts depends greatly on whether or not the patient accept the condition. It also relies on how much help they get those surround them.

    Relying too much on medication, on the other hand, especially ones that are self-prescribed, has been reported to cause longer period as well as more frequent relapses to the patients. It is worth to note, that the more frequent the relapses are, the less likely it is for depression to be controlled.

    How Long Does Depression Last? Treatments and Helps You Need

    It is important to seek out for help as the first step to be taken before you diagnose yourself with depression. Get professional to diagnose your condition properly. Make commitment to get all the help you can get.

    When you start accepting your condition and the fact that you need help, next thing to do is to develop trust to those who want to help you. This is crucial as without trusting your therapist completely, it is almost impossible for him/her to make a thorough examination that might cause a misdiagnosis and improper treatments for your conditions.

    Depression is a far more complex condition than just a swing mood or a crucifying guilt you carry within. It doesn’t really matter how long does depression last. What matters the most, is for you to make that first step to get the help you rightfully deserve.

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