How to Explain Depression and Get Help You Need


    How to explain depression, when we don’t get yet completely what is going on with our heads right now?

    Up to certain point in life, many of us struggle with this overwhelming feeling we carry from job, family, toxic relationship, and all things that we just need a break from. But to some, to break away from those things is a task too hard to carry, and that is when depression starts settling in.

    When this happens, the first thing to do should be seeking for help.

    So, let’s break it down a little bit.

    How to Explain Depression You’re Having, and Why It is Necessary.

    There is a reason why people with mental issue, depression and anxiety included, usually refuse to talk about their depression: and that reason being the fear of being alienated.

    Before we even get the grip on what to tell and how to explain depression to those closest to us for help, most chance is we are already overwhelmed with the worst case scenario that seems to be playing in repeat inside this little head of ours.

    How to Explain Depression You’re HavingSo, we put our walls up, and we sink deeper into the darker side of our depression. Leaving everyone puzzled trying to figure out the change they see in us. The same people who are supposed to be the rock in our fights against depression. The ones who probably leave us alone once they decide they can’t understand what’s going on with us… and that very thought sends us even deeper to the bottomless pit of our now messed up mind.

    Does it sound about right?

    How to Start That First Step to Explain People on Your Depression

    How to explain depression to those you need help from? Look. How you explain anything, really?

    Yes. First is to be honest, to yourself and then to the people other than you. Honesty is most important when it comes to these things. There are no shortcuts. Accept that you need help. Understand that depression is a clinical issue that can happen to anyone. You are not crazy. You are not alone. Most importantly, you can get help you need, if you let people to.

    So, be vulnerable and speak up your pain. Make it heard so people know what kind of help you need.

    The Phrases to Open the Conversation

    Understanding the importance of speaking up is a great start, but the main part is yet to come. Choosing the right words is not as easy as it may seem in movies. After all, how to explain depression to your loved ones, when you’re overwhelmed with this fear of letting them down?

    “I’m not complaining, I’m depressed”.  This is the neutral way to speak up.

    Depressed person unconsciously blabbering about how they feel and it sounds like a complaining speech to others. You can start by saying this “Don’t judge me, don’t feel sorry, just listen to me”, and people will understand that you need to be listened to. Sometime, being listened to is already a huge help for a lot of people struggling with early set of depression.

    Depression happen in one of every six people in the US. You need to understand that you are not alone in this fight. There are help available for you and for those people who are there to keep you on track while living your life with depression. So, if you still on the fence on how to explain depression to the people closest to you, we hope we got that covered for you.

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