Essentials Oils for Depression: How They Can Help You Fight Back


    We talk much here how essentials oils for depression sometimes are just the right remedy when you think you have tried everything, and failed.

    Let us explain.

    There is a popular saying that “those who smile the brightest hide the deepest pain”, and it is a proof that some people with depression usually wear a mask to hide their depression, out of misled belief that carrying some mental issues is the abomination in society.

    When you have people in your life struggling with depression, it can be tough for both of you. Mostly because so often, accepting that you are experiencing a mental problem is hard for most people.

    Understanding Essentials Oils for Depression and How You Can Use Their Help to Fight Back

    So we’re here to let you know that there are several things that you can do to help those loved ones suffering from depression who are not ready for medical help, yet. First thing is using essentials oils for depression that can help them in more than just calming themselves down.

    How Essential Oils Can Work Wonder to Help You Fight Depression

    Although the use of essentials oils for depression here will not make the depression goes away completely, but they have been scientifically proven to have beneficial effects to reduce the tension caused by the depression.


    Lavender as essentials oils for depression is perfect for its calming for centuries, as it helps treating people struggling with depression. Many researches have come to prove lavender’s benefits to improve the heart rates, and have used the same oil to lower the anxiety level of the patient in hospitals before surgery.

    One research shows after 4 weeks of lavender oil treatment, the patients gain more positive attitude and finding themselves less tensed. Among its visible results were better mood level, stress relief, and less anxiety triggers. Lavender essentials oils also help to improve your sleep quality, to prevent mild panic attack, to help relieve stomach pain, and make you overall rest better.


    A lot of aromatherapy product for therapeutic purposes, use chamomile in a forms of scented candles, tea, and many more, mostly for its calming floral scent that many believe help reducing tension.

    Chamomile oils are great to treat insomnia with, and lots of therapist prescribe it often as alternative to over-the-counter mood stabilizer medicines. Patients have reported that a frequent expose to this essential oil, help reducing anxiety level and mild depression.

    Ylang Ylang

    Ylang ylang has been used for centuries as perfume essentials. It gives the sweet floral aroma that helps reducing heart rate level, which is essential for people with depression. Some researches showed that these essential oils help stabilizing mood. They also work on reducing anxiety level for people with depression and anxiety disorders.

    Other benefits you’ll enjoy from the miraculous ylang ylang are boosted confidence and your ability to appreciate yourself more. This essential oil is also one of the best answer for those struggle from insomnia as it helps calming your nerves down helping you to sleep better at night.


    Another essential oil useful to fight depression is sandalwood. You might find this often in form of massage oil or aromatic furniture known from South East Asia regions. You can find sandalwood broadly as the mixture for lots of cosmetics and perfumes. Its earthly aroma helps to increase calmness and sense of being centered for most people.


    The last essential oil that you can use to decrease the depression is the one extracted from rose petals. Like the others mentioned above, many use rose oil for cosmetics, perfumes, scented candles and tea. These essentials oils are rich of nutritional values like antioxidants, and minerals that many have sworn by.

    Its aroma therapeutic properties help to increase a sense of happiness and gradual calmness. They also help to boost one’s confidence, balance the hormone, and lower the anxiety level.

    How Essential Oils Work for Fighting Depression

    People have used essentials oils for centuries. There has to be reasons for that, don’t you think?

    On a side note, use diffuser to gain maximum benefits of your essential oils. Place them in your room while you are sleeping. You can also put it in your family room or your workplace. This will help you gain more focus as well as reduce the stress level.

    The next thing is to apply the essential oils directly to your skin. Preferably in your palms, face, neck, and on the back of your ears. This way will help your brain to absorb the therapeutic aroma better.

    Else, you can inhale the essential oils directly from the bottle. You can add them into your bathtub after a long day of work to feel instant kick to your mood.

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