Understanding Depression, Anxiety and Blood Pressure


    Most of us often find depression, anxiety and blood pressure just go hand in hand, haunting both our body and mind together, all the time.

    Scary stuff to even think of, right? I know.

    Fact is, depression and anxiety can indeed cause hike in our adrenalin that is yet another factor to higher blood pressure. So now we get our mind convinced, what can we make out of it? Or should I say, what can we do to lower the chance of high blood pressure when we already struggle with depression on daily basis?

    The Link between Anxiety and Blood Pressure

    Experts have long believed that anxiety can indeed cause spike in our blood pressure, albeit it being a temporary one.

    Yet, it doesn’t mean it’s something you can afford to look past through, though. Since having it too often might as well ruin your blood vessels causing long term damages to your vital organs. Damaging enough it can trigger coronary plaque, heart attack or for some, stroke.

    anxiety and blood pressure

    The symptoms of anxiety and high blood pressure are about the same. So we know it doesn’t make things easier for us to identify each of them. For example, more common symptoms for both are confusion and nervousness that those who struggle with anxiety have to deal far too often than we’d like to admit.

    How Keeping Your Anxiety Under Control Can Reduce Chance of Hypertension.

    More often than not, when we’re experiencing one of those episodes of anxiety, they trigger the adrenaline’s spike that cause our heart’s beat get all messed-up. So keeping your anxiety on check, is the key to have a steady blood pressure.

    Easier said than done.. I understand. But please bear with me here.

    The Right Medication for Anxiety

    There are two ways of curing the anxiety. First is to focus on yourself. When you’ve done this, second option is to visit a therapist.

    Some people still don’t favor going to therapist for obvious reasons of being alienated. But once you get over this, and see therapist as a mean to get yourself better, you’ll see your holistic health getting better in no time.

    Anxiety makes us tend to overthink quite everything, really. So if you are not careful, it can lead to a whole mess of physical symptoms like uncontrolled blood pressure and cardiac failure that I am sure none of us want.

    Not on top of all this daily struggle we must deal with. Right?

    So as we might have told you once or twice before: please, get the help you deserve.

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