Understanding Depression, Anxiety and Blood Pressure


    Do depression, anxiety and blood pressure go hand in hand together, all the time?

    Fact is, depression and anxiety can cause hike in Adrenalin that adds as a factor to higher blood pressure. But what do you make out of it? More importantly, what can you do to lower the chance of high blood pressure when you already struggle with depression?

    The Relation between Anxiety and Blood Pressure

    Experts believe hypertension or high blood pressure as the result of having anxiety. Although anxiety does not cause high blood pressure or hypertension, it will  cause the momentary unstable blood pressure. When you have this unstable blood pressure often, it will cause a serious damage to your body. Serious enough to trigger the dangerous illness, like heart attack or stroke.

    anxiety and blood pressure

    The symptoms of anxiety and high blood pressure are about the same. So it’s no wonder that many people mistake them from one another. But the common symptoms for both of them are confusion and nervousness.

    Treating Anxiety to Avoid Unstable Blood Pressure

    When you are having anxiety, you will tend to trigger your adrenaline that is not good for your health. It is because your heart produces the irregular beat. Therefore, the root of treating unstable blood pressure is of course curing the anxiety itself

    The Right Medication for Anxiety

    There are two ways of curing the anxiety. First is to focus on yourself. When you’ve done this, second option is to visit a therapist.

    Some people still don’t favor going to therapist for obvious reasons of being alienated. But once you get over this, and see therapist as a mean to get yourself better, you’ll see yourself getting better at no time.

    When you have anxiety, you tend to overthink things through. If you are not careful, it can lead to physical symptoms like uncontrolled blood pressure and cardiac failure. So as we might have told you once or twice before: get the help you deserve .

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