Anxiety Dreams: Why and How You Can Stop The Nightmares


    In short, anxiety dreams are nightmares that just won’t go away.

    Did you have the same dream for several nights? You know. The ones that show the same thing repeatedly, you wake up same sweaty and cold for reasons you don’t understand?

    Anxiety dreams are more common than you might think. Fact is, more and more people have reported to having this problem, and only start to get help once they get very much worse.

    anxiety dreams

    Left untreated, anxiety dreams can cause more major issue with your mental health, and might very well effect affect your daily life later on.

    Anxiety Dreams Being a Suppressed Unconsciousness

    One common sign of anxiety dreams is the same pattern every time the dreams come into your sleep. The known reason for it, is a suppressed consciousness that makes its way to you at night, when you’re the most relaxed.

    Being a part of your unconsciousness, anxiety dreams often come from a part of you life you may have forgotten to begin with.

    Unexpressed stress or fears are common reasons for you to have these dreams. It only makes sense that in order to make it stop, you need to know where it started.

    Treating Anxiety Dreams by Yourself

    The sooner you accept that you’re having problem, the more likely it is to deal with your problem with fewer elements involved. In the case of anxiety dreams, knowing this is a key for you to help yourself.

    Since we said earlier that anxiety dreams mostly come from surpassed fears and stresses, the first thing to do is making sense of your dreams’ pattern. How do they start? What is the constant element that you see every time you dream?

    Once you get this, you’ll mostly learn what causes the dreams to come and how to deal with the reasons. Most cases are, you will be the centers to the solution. It can be unresolved guilt, anger or worthiness isuues that you need closure for.

    When It Comes The Time to Seek for Help

    Getting closures to unresolved feelings is always easier said than done. Lots of monologue and unfinished thoughts make the process even harder. So if find yourself stuck in that fase, where you know when and how it went wrong, but not quite sure how to make it stop; then you need a professional to step in.

    These are the people who can guide yourself on how to resolve these feeling, getting you the closures you need. You probably need some medications under the advise of your therapist in worse cases of anxiety dreams, to help you fall asleep better while working out on your issues.

    Regardless, anxiety dreams is not a light issue that you can hold from dealing with. We know for sure making that first step is always hard. Nevertheless, perseverance (like in most things with life) is what setting you aside from those who fall apart.

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