Acupuncture for Anxiety: 5 DIY Pressure Points You Can Try


    Does acupuncture for anxiety actually work? The modern lifestyle has contributed to human’s rising tension, anxiety, and depression. We tend to look for drugs or even alcoholic drinks to relief the stress of everyday life. Much as we know that it will cause us more hard on the way.

    Next time you do have the depression and anxiety symptoms, just opt for acupuncture and see how it can be the best relief you’ve seen. Don’t know where to start? Why not try these 5 DIY pressure points of acupuncture for anxiety.

    Acupuncture for Anxiety: 5 DIY Pressure Points for Anxiety and Depression Relief

    #1 Three Mile Point

    To find this point acupuncture for anxiety, take 2-finger width below the cap of your knee and take another 4-finger widths from your leg’s outside region.

    Acupuncture for Anxiety: 5 DIY Pressure Points for Anxiety and Depression ReliefGiving pressure to this acupuncture point can regulate and increase the flow of your energy that can relive your fatigue and also boost your concentration. Give the pressure at this point for about one minute.

    #2 Outer Gate Point

    This acupuncture for anxiety is on your arm’s back side. To find the point take 3-finger width after your wrist. The point is located between the tendons. Apply the pressure at this point to support the function of your immune and also to boost the flow of your energy throughout your body.

    #3 Inner Gate Point

    To find this acupuncture for anxiety, simply make a straight line on the palm. Draw the line that starts from the point between the middle and index finger and go straight through the arm. This point will be located around three fingers over your wrist crease. Stimulate this pressure point to help you protect your heart from too much depression and also to help you get better deep breathing.

    #4 Union Valley

    You can find this point in the area between the thumb and webbing finger. To do the acupuncture at this point, apply your index finger at this pressure while you are taking deep breath to inflate your abdomen. The pressure to this point will help you relive tension and depression.

    #5 Shoulder Well

    The last pressure point is the one located between the shoulder’s point and the neck’s base. To apply this point of acupuncture for anxiety, use your index finger. The pressure given to this point can decrease your stress and depression from your body. Giving pressure to this point also frees up the Qi flow throughout the system of meridian, based on the Medicine of Traditional Chinese.

    If acupuncture for anxiety can do the job, why opting for drugs and alcohol? Go do your own acupuncture by targeting those 5 pressure points above to relieve your depression and anxiety. The acupuncture is surely way safer from any drugs and more effective.

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